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Tony Frost

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The Background

Tony did his first Ironman in 2017, having started with ocean swimming and moved to triathlon when his wife, Kylie, said she was interested in it!  He has since done IMNZ six times, IM Cairns twice and IronMaori Toa once, plus numerous 70.3s, marathons, half marathons and shorter distance tris.

The Challenge

As the owner/operator of Millars Car Center, Tony works pretty much 24/7.  So scheduling training is a great challenge. Especially with a wife and daughter who have their own goals and commitments to consider.

Being very humble, Tony will be the first to say he is nothing special.  He has got where he is with his triathlon goals by hardwork, determination, family support, and sheer stubbornness to overcome the obstacles in his way!

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The Process

Tony is very creative with his training activities. If he has to drop a car somewhere, he'll drive it there and run or ride home. He does a lot of work early, before needing to open up the business.  For many years Tony has been coached by Andrew Mackay at Boost Coaching, who develops Tony's training plans with a mind to his particular circumstances.

And he has a very supportive and understanding wife who encourages him to keep going!

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Next Race

Tony is on his way to Ironman UK at Bolton, just outside Manchester.  This is a famous race with a bike course in the Peak District making it rarely flat!

It'll also be his ninth Ironman triathlon, as he works towards the twelve needed for a Kona slot...

TOny and Kylie.jpg
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